Northeast Tennessee

Lucky Number Lemur (VQ)

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Warriors' Path (Duck Island)

After a brisk 45min Ruck (Wilbur (R), Jamboree, Tenderfoot, Lemur) a beautiful morning started forming up. Osmo and Little Debbie made it to the workout and Osmo even brought an FNG (Paw Patrol) for added fun. Mayfly claims he was only a few late and jogged about trying to find us. My guess is he wasn’t looking that hard. 😛

Note: This was officially Lemur’s VQ, he’s 7 and I gave him some guidance in planning it out. It was a good experience for him and we appreciate everyone being a great sport about it.

7 Burpee OYO
7 Abe Vigoda IC
7 Imperial Walker IC
Ringe of Fire to 70

Mosey Across Bridge to Bottom of DG Hill
Burpee 7s Ladder on DG Hill (1x at Bottom, 2x at Top, etc Until 7 at Bottom)
Mosey to Playground
“Follow the Lemur” Around the Playground
(Single File Line, Do Whatever Lemur Does, Exactly How Lemur Does It)
This was a fun fast-paced visit to a playground that resulted in more burn than expected, especially on monkey bars that weren’t tall enough for most PAX, roller slide with squeals of a joy, a cargo net up and over that had partially broken free for extra absolution, climbing a short but slippery slide, and a front flip over a gymnastics bar that half the grown PAX did not attempt. May the shame of their cowardice haunt them until they rectify.
Mosey to Steep Ramp
Tread Water Circle Count to 70 (Like Ring of Fire)
Mosey to Bottom of DG Hill (This is Where Mayfly Finally Found Us)
Merking 7s Ladder on DG Hill (1x at Bottom, 2x at Top, etc Until 7 at Bottom)
Mosey to Trucks
Ring of Fire to 70 – Compare to COP RoF

Come to Convergence, EH Others to Come Also.
FiA Coming to Kingsport – Start EHing the Ladies (esp M)

Jesus Loves You!

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