Northeast Tennessee

If you don’t let me play I’m taking my Ball and going home! 8-21-2019

Northeast Tennessee Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

It’s turns out we do play well with others and no one was a ball hog. Cool Muggy Morning.  Broke a record with 15 in attendance!
QIC was ambitious and started with Motivators from 15 but called an audible at 7 or so, Mercs x 10 IC, Slow Squats x 10, TTT, x 10, Abe Vigoda x 10.  Then some short distance high knees, butt kickers, toe touches and heel taps.
51# Pea Gravel filled Medicine Ball was introduced to the PAX.

Burpee Ball Run 1st PAX does 5 over shoulder tosses then runs around parking lot perimeter, then next man does the same.  While waiting rest of PAX does Burpees.  Same process with 10 OVH Thrusters, Bernie Down and Back.  20 each of crunches, leg lifts and scissor kicks, repeat till your turn.  15 Ball Squats, Sprint down and back while rest do 25 Jump Squats – 25 count Al Gore.  Then Bucket brigade down parking lot and back.

Next was bear crawl three parking spots followed by crab walk 3 and repeat to end of parking lot.

  • MARY
    Mary was a variety of AB work including plank, side plank, slow pushup to hover 3 times.  @Daisy led in Boat Canoes, finished with 100 lbc.
    PRAYER   Daisy’s M’s Family dealing with loss of family member. Brain Freeze mother is doing well.


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