Northeast Tennessee

20 for a more efficient burpee workout

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Despite YHC being on the Q 20 pax appeared out of the gloom for a modified revamp.
All done in cadence

SSHx 15

willy mays hays

little baby arm circles x10 each direction

hill billy walkers x10

slow merkin x10

windmill x10

The pax willfully followed YHC on a mosey (the short way) to the playground where I had previously placed 5 cones.  Each cone represented an exercise station.  Exercises to be performed at each were:  10 merkins, 10 thrusters, 10 squats  then get to a pull up station and do 5 pull-ups R &R  10 times (pax will move down the parking lot for each cone hitting the 5th one twice).  Total count will be 100 of each exercise at the cones and 50 pull-ups.  And as a reward for completing pax were instructed to finish with 10 burpees

mosey back to start


For Mary Q called on random pax

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