Northeast Tennessee

10 Pax strung some pearls

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

YHC was blessed with the presence of 9 other Pax on a quite chilly morning with the promise of no bear crawls 

SSH x20 IC

abe vigoda x10 IC

imperial walker x10 IC

wmh x10 IC

little baby arm circles f/r x10 IC

slow merkins x10

slow squats x10

Pax mosey around the track to the bleachers and partner up for a six station grand tour of the AO via a string of pearl type workout P1 will conduct the first exercise per station while P2 does the core then flapjack once P1 hits the required number of reps   Then mosey to next station. Stations and workouts listed below 

  • Bleachers: 25 dips/ Al Gore
  • Next to the baseball field: 25 SSH IC/American Hammer
  • Corner of school: 30 squats/LBC’s
  • Pull ups bars:20 pull ups/Freddy Mercury’s
  • Swings: 20 body rows/heals to heaven 
  • middle of hill: 25 merkins/flutter kicks 
  • top of hill: 10 yurpees/plank

The idea was to do the whole thing in reverse but only made it back through the squats even with some reduced reps…sounds like a Saturday Q to me…


Gutterball Q on Saturday; bring a block

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