Northeast Tennessee

Fun Around the Island!

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Warriors' Path (Duck Island)

Saturday January 18, 2020 Warriors Path – Cool morning slight mist 39 degrees.  3 dudes rucked prior.
SSH IC x 20, LBAC 3 ways, Mercs x 10 IC, TTT, Abe Vigoda
Mosey 1/2 way around the island to the bench and table, faster PAX ran back to the 6 and returned to table to keep moving.

  • 2 sets of slow, deep dips and derkins x 10.Then mosey to 2nd road up to tennis courts.
  • PAX did a ladder, 5/10/15 Burpees at the bottom then run to the top
  • at top did 10/20/30 double leg Mt. Climbers then run down 2nd leg of triangle.
  • At Bottom did 20/40/60 BBSU.  Then Sprint back to starting point after each rotation.
  • Going down the ladder same except Plank Jack instead of burpees. 10/5, 20/10, 40/20.
  • Indian Run back to Parking lot to grab a coupon
  • Did 10 slow curls then run to end of parking lot and back same with slow overhead press
  • For last round carry coupon overhead walk to end of parking lot and back.
  • Upon return at @Mayflys request did 100 LBC,s.

No time for Mary.
CIRCLE OF TRUST  – We welcomed Tenderfoots Friend @Anything since that is what TF said we could pick.
PRAYER  – Continued to pray for Little Debbie’s Family
Wilbur talked about finding his keys in the grass near where he had been doing situps.  Only found them in the dark because he was consistent in where he had been doing them.  This led to the Moleskin of how we should be consistent in our walk with God,  relationships, marriage with children and at work.  This way people know what to expect of you and that they can depend upon you.
Talked about Hardship Hill Relay coming up.

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