Northeast Tennessee

Monday Runday Comes to Arrowhead

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail) The Hill (Science Hill)

7 PAX eagerly arrived at Arrowhead on a perfect 62 degree morning. The facilities at The Hill are temporarily unavailable so our run group has been moved to another AO with solid options for some cardio work. YHC arrived only to note no one had grabbed the Q….challenge accepted.
Having been over a month, YHC was somewhat rusty on the cadence but it came back quickly.

TTT – 10 IC

WMH – 10 right then left

Ponzi lap

Dynamic warm-up to loosen up the legs
YHC has grown to love the loop around the school after likely 100+ miles running that route during marathon training. It was only fitting to invite those unfamiliar with Arrowhead to this fun.

  • 1st lap around the school to the end of the playground parking lot and back.
  • 2nd lap around the school to the top of the middle hill and back
  • 3rd lap around the school to the top of the big hill exiting the school and back
  • 4th lap around the school, up the hills, and out to the stop sign on Roan.

YHC completed 5.1 miles with the majority of the PAX going over 4 miles. Strong work from everyone.

The first day back just wouldn’t be eventful without some drama. As the group was exiting the AO, a car pulled in with a clearly either mentally unstable or intoxicated individual driving. May obscenities and threats were made but all the PAX maintained composure and calmly left the AO. The authorities were contacted and the individual was being questioned when YHC was leaving. It would have been easy (and largely justified) for any one of the PAX to take issue with the behavior and escalate the situation further. It takes a more courageous man to know it’s not worth his time or energy to engage with someone behaving that way. T-claps to the PAX for once again demonstrating what male community leadership looks like in action.
Keep encouraging guys to get back out. It may take a while for some to feel comfortable but we need to support one another.

Murph info will be out in the next few days.

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