Northeast Tennessee

Ups & Downs

Jonesborough Immortal Station (Jonesborough)

12 men showed up for some work on a crisp, clear morning.
Chaco: IW X 10 IC, Frazier: TTT X 10 IC, Thumper: LBAC X 10 IC R/F, Cluck: SSH X 20 IC, Bridge Lap



PAX divided into groups of 3 on one side of the parking lot.  On start, a member of each group will:  Carry Coupon to end of parking lot.   BLOCKEES X 3.  Sprint back to line and tag next PAX to begin.

While Awaiting their turn in the relay, PAX will R/R the following:   MERKINS X 5, CORE OYC X 25.                                                         RINSE/REPEAT Relay for 8 min.

44 MAGNUM (11s X 4)

PAX perform rounds OYO of the 1st set of exercises with reps starting with 10 & descending by 1 rep each round down to 1 and climb from 1 to 10 with 2nd set of exercises.

RIFLE Carry Coupon to other end of parking lot to perform other set of exercises after each round of reps.

COUPON CURLS                                                                                                        SQUAT THRUSTERS                                                                                              DERKINS                                                                                                                  FLUTTER KICKS (2 Count =1 REP)

ELF ON THE SHELF                                                                                                    BENT OVER ROWS                                                                                                  BLOCK LUNGES (2 LUNGE=1 REP)                                                                                ATOMIC SITUPS  

MARY                                                                                                                          No Time                                                                                                             CIRCLE OF TRUST
Strive to be a good teammate to the folks you do life with!
Continue to fill up Oct. Q Calender!  A few spots still left to be claimed.

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