Northeast Tennessee

The Gauntlet

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

8 PAX showed up to the Range for a VQ by YHC & put in some good work. On a dark but not as chilly as expected morning.
Warmup: mosey down to the bottom of the Range for TTT IC x 10 (will work on cadence count), LBAC F & B IC x 10, Ballerina Walks to next parking lot line (looks like we need to work on stability/balance), 3 part WMH with a turn back to start line, High Knees, butt kicks
The Thang aka The Gauntlet
6 part lift = Bent Over Row>Upright Row>Curl (for the girls)>Front Squat>Push Press>Front Squat. That equals 1 rep. 15 Reps once completed do a suicide of the parking lot lines at the Range. At completion of Suicide, farmers carry coupon to next line for another 15 reps and a suicide. continue until reach the far line. At completion of reps at far line, OH Carry back to the start. Everyone made it to complete 1 set of 2nd lap before we killed the last few minutes with MARY.
Plank while waiting on 6
LBCs x 15
American Hammers x 15
Flutter Kicks (LR=1) x 15
OH Press x 15 (Shepherd didn’t get enough)
Curls (for the Girls) x 15 (Moneypenny wanted some more beach muscles)
Heels to Heaven x 15 (Whiplash decided a change up was in order)
Shepherd shared a praise for old friends who sought reconciliation after many years (20 I think he said). Great example of God’s power to work on people’s hearts, grace & love to reconcile differences with those around us.
Convergence at Immortal Station (J-Boogie @ WC Library) 10/24 @ 6:30.

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