Northeast Tennessee

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Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

8 PAX showed up on a pleasant morning on #TheRange (Whiplash noted we had 50/50 Respect status today!)
Moseyed over to the 3 tier parking lot, but took a different route than normal and came into the 3 tier from the top.
There were 3 workout points set up (1 on each level). Bottom level 10 Reps, Middle level 15 Reps w/ Coupons & Top level 20. At each station there were a list of 6-8 exercises that each PAX could choose from to create their own individualized workout. Figure 8’s using the 4 stairways were run to get to and from each station. Middle level was hit both going up and going down.

  • Bottom Level Exercises: H R Merkins, Burpees, Mountain Climbers (both legs = 1 Rep), Peter Parkers, Squats, Everest (2 squats = 1 rep)
  • Middle Level Exercises (w/ Coupon): Thrusters, Incline Merkins, Decline Merkins, Curls (For the Girls), Overhead Press, Kettlebell Swings, Bent Over Rows, Squats
  • Top Level Exercises: V-Ups, Reverse Crunches, Heels to Heaven, LBCs, 4 Count Flutter Kicks, American Hammers (L/R = 1), Freddy Mercury (L/R = 1)

PAX got in extra reps at Middle Level while waiting on the 6, then Moseyed back to Range Parking lot via Liberty Bell Road.

This was a personal reminder that each PAX is at a different stage in life, fitness, faith, stresses, praises, etc. Together we each pick up areas that our brothers may struggle, but we need to take time to improve ourselves. This Q was a chance for us to work on not only the things we excel at, but an opportunity to improve areas we may struggle.
Thank you to those men & women working in healthcare battling Covid on the frontlines. If our leadership deems we must take another hiatus from gathering in large groups at AO’s due to the Covid spike in our region, continue working out, positing your workouts in slack, and check in on your PAX brethren. Some thrive on the social interaction at the AO’s as much as the exercise to stay healthy.

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