Northeast Tennessee

Not Your Mama’s Bingo – Day 2

The Range (Science Hill)

7 Pax put their feet on the ground and came out in the cold to play some F3 style Bingo at the Range. Sugar enjoyed day 1 so much that he came back for a second beatdown.


COP – Culture Club

Warm Up

Mosey up and back – then 15 SSH

High Knees up and Butt Kickers back -then 10 TTT

Toy Solders/run up and back – then 15 Hillbilly Walkers

Windmill Walkers/run up and back – then 40 LBAC’s


2 Bingo Boards were created with 25 exercises in squares (same exercises on both but different placements on the boards) Ping Pong balls used for Pax to draw for the exercises. A Pax from each team took turns drawing and calling out the exercise for both teams to complete. Both teams then got the square. In addition to exercises on the board, 12 additional balls were placed in the bucket that had other activities to perform that did not reward with a square.

Board Exercises:
Merkins (40), Calf Squats (50), Shoulder Taps (40), Dips (30), Over Head Claps (50), Donkey Kicks (25), Monkey Humpers (25), Peter Parkers (25), Mike Tyson’s (15), Hello Dolly’s (30), LBC’s (40), Snow/Sweat Angels (20), SSH (40), Hand Release Merkins (40), American Hammers (20), Bobby Hurleys (40), CDD(30), Lunges (20), Grave Diggers (30), Flutter Kicks (40), Low Slow Squats (40), Box Cutters (30), Mountain Climbers (25), Seal Jacks (30), Big Boy Sit Ups (30)

Additional activities:
(7) had run the hill, (2) Had Bear Crawls, (2) Had 10-Burpees, (1) Had Bernie Run

We got through 16 the exercises (bold above), ran the hill a few times, did a frisbee throw bear crawl, had the Bernie run and even one of the burpee balls were drawn before Team 2 got to call out Bingo. 40 Hand Release Merkins, followed by 40 regular Merkins, and then the Bear Crawl will be felt later. Prizes awarded to all participants and Sugar got a special prize for the 2 day commitment.

No time

Prayers for my sister and Beanie’s family.


If interested, get with Shepard concerning new fellowship program starting at Grace Church. Shout out to all the teachers and administration that made it through this semester. We all know it was challenging!!!

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