Northeast Tennessee

Roll the Die

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

One PAX, one 11°F morning.


What was disclaimed was not spoken


Start under the pavilion to avoid the ice

  • SSH IC x25 – what was cadenced was not spoken
  • Abe Vigoda IC x10
  • Toy soldiers and butt kicks across the pavilion

Walk to the playground.  All was quiet. No mosey due to possible ice and an appreciation of the peaceful crunch of the fresh snow compressing under a  rubber sole from heel to toe.  Admiration of the flickers of light that reflect off individual snow flakes laying on the untouched path providing a guide of glittery anticipation of what is coming next.

Got to the playground – probably should have COPed again, but that didn’t happen.  Kept socially distant from the only other person – the city trash collector in the neighborhood above the hill.

Using the dodecahedron die of exercises that was a gift from 2.1, the first roll was 20 burpees – essentially Slaughter Starting myself.  Substituted the water break for 10 pull-ups.  Rested with hands in pockets as needed for recovery of fingers.  Rinse and Repeat. Although not officially counting, the most common roll felt like 20 Tricep Dips and 30 Freddy Mercuries.

Walked back the same route.  Alone with thoughts and trying to match the right foot imprint coming with the right foot going – thinking this would be cool to see one foot in each direction with each step.  That task proved difficult going up and down the small hills along the trail since shorter steps were needed on the descent.


What was said was not spoken


What was said was not spoken


They’ll come to my BDQ, right?

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