Northeast Tennessee

Jar Jar’s Bday Q

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Temp? Phone said 36 but bank sign read 32. Let’s call it 34 degrees. Clear skies.
Merkin x10 IC

SSH x 15 IC

Merkin x8 IC

TTT x 10 IC

Merkin x6 IC

LBAC forward, reverse, shunook x15 IC

Merkin x5 IC
Mosey to the parking lot near Pull up bars. Take the back way around the school.

Split up into two groups.

Group 1 –

21 parking lines marked off. Line 1 – 5 merkins, Line 2 – 5 squats, Line 3 – 5 sit-ups. Rinse and repeat through all 21 lines. A total of 7 lines for each exercise down, turn around and come back doing the same three exercises again. When complete Do 5 pull ups, 5 burpees, and then run a suicide marked off.

Group 2-

Begin with the 5 pull ups, 5 burpees, suicide run, then join the rest of the PAX with round one of the parking lines.

Round 2-

After completing one full round including pull ups, burpees, and suicide: Begin round 2 again 21 lines with 3 exercises. Plank Jacks, SSH, and Boat Canoes all 5 reps each. Down and Back. Finish with pull ups, burpees, and suicide run.

All of the PAX complete one full round and most of round 2 before time was called. A few finished 2 full rounds.

No Time
PRAYER – Jar Jar 
Happy to be able to have this group of men to help celebrate my birthday. Special Thank you to Kardashian for coming out and for wearing his Wookie outfit for most of the workout.

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