Northeast Tennessee

Being Liked isnt the Point

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

4 Pax braved arrowhead after YHC promised a bit of pain
SSH x20 IC

Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Willy Mays Hays x10 IC

Windmill x15 IC
No mercy Mile (jog from midway point of front strait to turn one, bear crawl to turn two. Jog to midway of back strait 25 merkins, jog to turn 3, lunge to turn 4. Jog to start line 25 squats x4 laps)

DORA: pax split into groups of 2 and 3.  Partner 1 jogged 40 yards and back while partner 2 performed 50 upright rows with cinder block, next was 75 curls, 125 BBSU’s

Dealers choice mary…Boat canoe, american hammers, scissor kick thingies (multiple names were used from them and we never landed on a proper name: dying cockroach etc), mount climbers, some new alternatig knees to ground plank exercise that Rudy had us do (it was determined that Rudy reads a lot of Glamour magazine to come up with all the plank exercises he does)
The No Mercy Mile is no joke, there’s no break, no rest, sometimes you have a buddy with you and sometimes you’re by yourself having to just keep going…kinda like life.  Don’t worry Iron Horse I’ll bring it to you one day…YHC wants to give a big shout out to Cold Call for reminding him the point of a Q is not to be liked…

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