Northeast Tennessee

At F3 Burpees are an acceptable way of saying THANK YOU, right?

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

WEATHER – 27 degrees,

  • Imperial Squat Walkers – IC – 8
  • ‘Merkins – IC – 14
  • SSH – IC – 51

With all the support all YHC’s F3 brothers have gave I could find no better way than to say THANK YOU than with Burpees?!? Lots of Burpees and several varieties!

  • T – The Wolverine Burpee – 10: Burpee with 2 ‘merkins – right knee to right elbow then left knee to left elbow
  • H – Hurpee – 10: Hand release ‘merkin
  • A – Apollo Creed Burpee – 10: Burpee with 2 ‘merkins – one handed right, one handed left
  • N – Nolan Ryan Burpee – 10: Burpee with 2 ‘merkins w/ a reach up and punch thru right hand then left
  • K – Knerkin Burpee – 10: Burpee with ‘merkin on knuckles


  • Y – Yeah – Traditionally a routine done to Joe Nichols song Yeah – Instead of subjecting the PAX to the Q’s horrible singing or playing the song, YHC counted the Yeahs and Shes – 25 PlankJacks and 10 mountain climbers  
  • O – Outlaws – 20: Each way, 20 right, 20 left
  • U – Up Stradle Hops – 20: One legged SSH, 20 each leg

Rinse and repeat since YHC can not say THANK YOU enough for all the PAX have done!

  • A round of 11 was added for more fun – LBC and Sweet Angels


  • LBC – IC – 11
  • E2K – IC – 17 right side
  • E2K – IC – 17 left side
  • Doc I hate you – as a thank you YHC told PAX they did not have to perform and could count for me. The PAX still performed but the count was theirs till Swirly thought he would jump the gun and try to get to 3 faster than felt appropriate by YHC.


  • COUNT-O-ROMA – 11

This Post started the same and end the same as the Q I did last week at IH : 8/14/51 11/17/17.  A Huge heartfelt appreciation to everyone for the help thru these last 2 weeks. The entire Calain Family appreciates everything!!


  • Kiwanis Shopping tour
  • Habitat Should be contacting us soon for a work day
  • If interested in helping Swirly park cars at the Speedway of Lights on Fridays the next few weeks please let YHC know.  He will earn money into his Scout Account for helping

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