Northeast Tennessee

Dora does a Strip Tease on Tombstone Hill

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

10 Most Excellent Men braved the somewhat cool 19 degree morning to get better
SSH (20) IC

LBAC (20) IC Both Directions

Imperial Walkers (20) IC

TTT  (15) IC

Mosey to the Hill for a little Dora Action

With Sandbags in tow, we began what was supposed to be two rounds of Dora on the Hill. While Partner 1 was performing said exercise, Partner 2 would mosey to first telephone pole, where PAX  would do a pirouette to begin Bernie Sanders to the next light pole, upon reaching said pole PAX would do LBC’s (25). I must say that YHC was really impressed with the maneuvering abilities of the PAX, clearly some have trained ballet before. I will say that YHC had to begin stripping clothes off due to the excessive heat that was being generated during this routine…..the PAX was able to bask in the ORA of all the Honcho that was on display.

Round 1 of Dora

  • 100 Burpees
  • 200 Weighted Squats
  • 300 SB Power Cleans

Sadly we ran our of time and were not able to complete R2…… so  PAX moseyed to field to one last exercise.

Shoulder Pretzel (70) IC
I mentioned to the PAX that 18 months ago I was doing well to finish a workout, and today we completed one of the more difficult ones I’ve been a part of. It sucked, but we completed it together. You guys help me push more, to finish, and try and get better. YHC would never have completed said Dora without the help of all you men.

Continued pray for Launchpad’s, not Cold Call’s,  mom.

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