Northeast Tennessee

Bernies, Bears and Crabs

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

It was 67 degrees when 18 pax unsacked themselves to become better! Now their happy for it!

The Motivator from 7
Squats x10
Sprinkler to the left x10
Sprinkler to the right x10
Merkin x 10
Flutter kicks x20

Mosey to the Tombstone Hill for a Bernie Sanders up the Hill. At the top 10 burpees then run back Dow for 10 more. Mosey to the field for some more fun. At the field everyone lines up at the light pole for a Bear Crawl to the next pole then 50 squats, crab walk to the next pole, then 100 LBCs. Last lunge to the next pole then 50 merkins. Turn and crab walk back to the pole with 100 LBCs then Bear crawl to the next pole with 50 squats then back to the last pole and starting position in a bear crawl. Finally take it back the to amphitheater for some ab work.

YHC ask Kardashian to start and he kicked of with 50 IC flutters. Then he chose Joanna who lead boat canoes to 11. He chose Hee-Haw who led us in some Freddie Mercury’s to 20. Last Colonel was chosen for the last exercise. He chose the elevator.

August 4th is the pool party with 2.0 workout.
Founders after 5 for some 2nd F fun on Friday!

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