Northeast Tennessee

Whole Lotta Merkins!

Arrowhead (Indian Trail) Johnson City

3 PAX came out on a chilly October morning to modify…….and modify well.
The Motivator (from 7)
Willy Mays Hayes (10 IC)
Hillbilly Walkers (10 IC)
Slow Mo Merkins (10 IC)
TTT (10 IC)
Some more Slo Mo Merkins (10 IC)

PAX took a little mosey over to the bottom of the hill for a DORA, which we made work in glorious fashion since we only had 3…..but in that 3, we had Daisy, and Daisy likes to run. DORA went like this

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 LBC
  • 300 Squats
  • Exercises were split between the 3 PAX. When you weren’t doing reps, you were running the hill. Did I mention Daisy really likes to run?!?!

Took another mosey back to the track because I wanted to deliver on the promise of a Whole Lotta Merkins. We did one lap, but boy, oh, boy, was it a lap:

  • 10 Monkey Humpers on the straights
  • 25 Merkins per corner

Well, as you can imagine, we had some time left after this socially awkward mile, so the Mary becomes Round 3!


  • Boat/canoe (lead by Daisy because he likes boats……and canoes)
  • Flutter kicks (lead by YHC)
  • Plank (lead by Jobs……for what seemed like an eternity)
  • Abe Vigoda (lead by YHC because I knew I left something of the warmup)
  • 1 Minute Al Gore (because why not?!?)

We all are waiting for something; whether that’s a job, a relationship, financial status. etc. But don’t waste the waiting by focusing solely on the goal. The waiting is where God is shaping you into the man He has designed you to be. So wait well!
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