Northeast Tennessee

42 BDQ

Northeast Tennessee Arrowhead (Indian Trail) Johnson City

Mid-50s and wet. With rain before, the lakes at Arrowhead were plentiful. Fortunately, we had enough not not running on Tuesday so we didn’t do much trekking through the puddles. 4 PAX braved the weather and put in some work next to some rare December worms. I know it’s been raining, but still, worms in December?  Can’t trust those December worms.  YHC turned 42 today, thought he was catching the J-Men in age, but apparently they age as quickly as he does. Anyway, 42, a nicely divisible number for three sets.  So here we go…


3 sets of 14 reps each, at the flag for the first exercise and the light pole for the second (about 40 yards away)

  • SSH and Mountain Man Poopers
  • LBAC and Imperial walkers

Suppose we’ll call the thang around here, because the work got harder

3 sets of 14 reps each

  • Curls and Heels to Heaven
  • Burpees (jumping over the coupon) and LBCs
  • Overhead presses and Squats

Seeing that time was running out and YHC had four more stations planned, we quickly moseyed to the swing sets to put in a little back work.  Because Arrowhead has the strongest backs in NE TN.

3 sets of 14 reps each

  • Underdogs and Merkins

No time

YHC reflected on an article saying how the life expectancy in the US recently dropped by over a year, likely due to COVID. Statistically, men are middle-aged at 38 years old. F3 prolongs that number, and the men who hold each other accountable are essential. Thanks to those who see each other in the gloom. Thank you to the three J-Men who posted today. EH someone for the New Year.

New Years Murph under discussion – no final word yet

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