Northeast Tennessee

4-Year AnniQ

Northeast Tennessee Arrowhead (Indian Trail) Johnson City

It was 27 degrees but YHC didn’t feel cold.  Maybe it was the lack of wind. Maybe it was the quick start to get the heart rate up.  Maybe it was the 10 PAX who braved the weather and showed up for YHC’s celebration of 4 years in F3.



  • As was on my first day, the motivator from 11.
    • Stop after 7, we’ll get back to these
  • Downward dog stretch for the calves x10 ct
  • Imperial walkers IC x15
  • Through the tunnel IC x10
  • Willy Mays Hays IC x5 bounces
  • One 20-second merkin
  • Continue the motivator from 6.

With that heavy coupon, mosey double time to the playground. Drop the coupons at the fire hydrant.  Let’s do the playground circuit.  Circle through the following stations, 10 reps at each station (except for octamerkins and the jump)

  • Octamerkins (that’s 36 incline merkins)
  • Pullups
  • Squat thrusters
  • Underdogs
  • (at the tent) 10 squats, lunge the length of the tent, 10 additional squats
  • Jump over the green balance beam.

Rinse and repeat.  Most made it 3-4 rounds


  • 5×10 = 50 single count reps
    • Mountain climbers, shoulder taps, mountain climbers, shoulder taps, mountain climbers
  • Freddie Mercuries IC x20
  • Flutter kicks IC x10
  • Low plank hold with a few J-Lo’s in the middle

Four years, am I happy with my current situation? Yes.  Getting up each morning is the hardest part, but the second hardest part is pushing through during each workout. Maybe that’s running a little faster. Maybe it’s taking the last couple inches of a pullup as slow as possible.  Maybe it’s going a bit lower in your squat or your merkin. The Qs where I felt truly stronger were the ones that I pushed myself, either through more reps (ie, March Merkin Madness) or more weight (ie, adding sand to the bag). Congratulations to the men who show up each week. I hope you can push hard for 45 minutes.  You’ll see progress.

Apparently it’s posh to be the left tackle.  We also discussed the idea of pickle pounders and monkey humpers in someone’s front yard.

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