Northeast Tennessee

The Vern

Northeast Tennessee

It was a cold and wet morning….Etch walked up to The Shovel Flag (or where it would have been) blaring some Thunderous music getting the PaX ready.  I could tell they were wondering how we would rock The Vern this am since it was wet out and we have a patio/portico we can use.  Well…this is F3 and we are MEN – no audible this am.


3/4 mile run

5 rounds of

  • 10pullups (100 yr dash)
    20 merkins (100yr dash)
    25 dips (100yr dash)
    30 lbc (100yr dash)

3/4 mile run back

If you do it all, it is right at 3.1mi running, 50 pull ups, 100merkins, 125 dips, 150 lbc

You vs You

Insert information about any additional post-THANG work (if applicable).


  • Prayers up for mental health – mentioned this am in a couple ways


  • For anyone wondering – NO Jake did not touch my phone/radio today.  I saw him looking but I think the message was delivered
  • SPAM is always welcome – even when coming in hot and on 2 wheelz
  • The initial run and run back to starting point is ALMOST there – needs to be .75 miles and today I measured with GPS and it is at .61 miles.  I think next time the run will be the same but we will finish the initial run to the far cone and then back – and same thing going home.
  • Today also marked the 1 year anniversary of The Vern in F3 NETN – still waiting for guys from other AOs to come give it a try….

Turkey Bowl – Football Game on Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away!!!!  Tell a friend and this is a great opportunity to get new guys out!

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