Northeast Tennessee

41st BDQ – Over the Hill

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

6 doods rolled up to celebrate my birthday. That’s why they got out of bed and worked out in these glorious weather conditions – solely to celebrate my being alive for another trip around the sun. That’s what I told myself, at least.

There were some mildly dissenting voices regarding my choice to exit the pavilion and do an, I don’t know what to call it exactly, but maybe an actual F3 workout? Turns out cold and rain is not a crowd favorite.
Getting right to it.

  • Motivator from 8, LBAC, Seal Claps, ABE Vigoda
  • Roving warm up, getting those coupons to the bottom of the hill


Evolution 1: 8’s

Mosey to the pull up bars. Do a quick set of 8’s to complete the warm up, doing 1 and 7, then 2 and 6, etc., of pull ups and step-ups (L+R = 1). I should have explained this better but we all got it eventually.

Evolution 2: Getting over the hill

Mosey back to the bottom of the hill. Reminding us all of my mortality, we’ll be going over it. Repeatedly.

Partner up for a DORA (I know, I never do these but this one seemed like fun). One partner does reps while the other runs up and over the hill, relieving their partner on the lap. Because it’s my birthday, I’m asking for full range of motion and correct form, not speed.

  • 100 push-up block drags
  • 100 block squats
  • 100 block swings
  • 100 burpees (can substitute for block burpees if you want)

NO TIME!!!!!!
Forgive thyself. Don’t forget that God’s message of grace and compassion is for you, and not just for others.

Keep that faucet dripping…it’s about to get cold.

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