Northeast Tennessee

Why not Murph?

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

I’ve said it repeatedly and I will say it again—if I could only do one workout the rest of my life, it would be Murph—simple, but ridiculously effective. A total body smoker with a heathy dose of YHC’s favorite exercise, the pull-up. We do not have pull-up bars at the Iron Horse, but that did not stop YHC from introducing the PAX to the Murph on his 2 year anniversary Q.




  • Merkins (20 IC)
  • SSH (20 IC)
  • TTT (10 IC)
  • Imperial Walkers (15 IC)
  • Squats (10 IC)

After a lengthy introduction and some smack talk by the PAX (Jester) we finally got around to doing work. For the sake of time, we shortened the run on both ends.

Modified Murph:

  • Run .5 miles
  • 100 block rows
  • 200 merkins
  • 300 squats
  • Run .5 miles

We finished up right on time—except for Jester—who can’t seem to count to 200. Luckily he realized his transgressions on the final run and finished up his 2nd 100 merkins—with no shortage of good natured ribbing from YHC.


  • count-o-rama
  • name-o-rama


Devo—Barnabas the Encourager. Barnabas is one of those unsung hero’s in the Bible. Following Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus he went back to Jerusalem to meet up with the disciples. They were skeptical, as anyone would be given Paul’s history persecuting Christians. However, Barnabas stuck his neck out and came along side Paul. He was instrumental in integrating Paul into the fold. Barnabas was on my mind today as I marked my 2 year milestone in F3, that happens to coincide with the 2 year anniversary of my home AO in SC. F3 came into my life when I needed it the most—not the workouts—but the 2nd F. Blindside and Field Goal are responsible for getting YHC out to F3, but Chinstrap is the reason I stuck with F3—a Barnabas—an encourager. My faith journey was headed through some paths less traveled that were full of briars and thorns. It was a tough time that mostly ended up with me retreating to the solitude of myself. From the first day I met Chinstrap, he wouldn’t let me retreat. Inviting me to hang in the garage, pushing me to keep posting (even though it was ridiculously early) no matter what excuse I came up with. He roped me into mud runs and other CSAUP events (often without my consent). He pushed me to get better physically and wouldn’t let me quit, even if I wanted too. Somewhere along the way I realized that’s really what F3 is really all about. It’s easy to quit on yourself, take the path of least resistance. But when your brothers are along side you and pushing you to get better—you will accomplish more than you ever thought you could on your own. Chinstrap (along with many others too numerous to name) were my Barnabas. As a new AO in a new city, we have to be the Barnabas for those around us—an encourager that brings guys into the fold—pushing them to be better than they were the day before—not letting guys quit on themselves. We all need that type of encouragement from time to time—even when it’s not necessarily welcome. Reflecting on my early days of F3 and all the memories and bonds that have come since—I’m humbled and grateful. I’m thankful for all the guys who have come alongside me, pushed me to get better—even when I didn’t want too. Thanks men.

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