Northeast Tennessee

Fall Break Flogging

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

After spending a considerable amount of time on the Q early on during the launch—YHC has been content to sit back for the past several weeks/months, relishing in the emerging leadership of the new JC Pax. Men have been consistently stepping up and leading the workouts, it’s awesome to witness. After a considerable hiatus, it was time for YHC to step back on the Q and put a Fall Break Flogging on the JC Pax.

Really, we have several guys running the Goliath at the Gorge (10K OCR) in two weeks. Since YHC put the EH on these guys to sign up, I feel somewhat responsible for making sure they are prepared. There is a typical pattern to ORC’s YHC has experienced: anxious energy and excitement to get started that’s quickly followed by a swift kick in the jewels. The kick in the jewels is then typically followed by a gut check—usually after getting passed by a female or a 20 year old with a smirk—that ends with some aggressive self talk—”Hell nah, I’m not going down like this, get moving”

This Q was intentionally designed to mimic this process—a swift kick in the jewels followed by a gut check.



COPmosey from amphitheater to the field

  • SSH (20 IC)
  • TTT (15 IC)

Mosey to next corner

  • Willy Mays Hays (10 IC)
  • Merkins (10 IC)

Mosey to next corner

  • Windmills (10 IC)
  • Imperial Walkers (10 IC)

PAX Choice—Left or Right? Jester said Right, because we never go Left. YHC said Left—he is a college professor—what did you expect? (Really, we were going left all along for the kick in the jewels)

Tombstone Hill

  • Run to 1st light pole and back  —> 1 12 count body builders
  • Run to 2nd light pole and back —> 2 12 count body builders
  • Run to 3rd light pole and back  —> 3 12 count body builders
  • Run to 2nd light pole and back —> 4 12 count body builders
  • Run to 1st light pole and back  —> 5 12 count body builders
  • Run to 2nd light pole and back —> 6 12 count body builders
  • Run to 3rd light pole and back  —> 7 12 count body builders

Mosey back to the field—too much whining about not being able to move arms

Burpee Mile(ish)

4 laps around the inner loop—5 burpees at each corner (20 burpees each lap)

Had to cut it short at 3.5 laps and 70 burpees—YHC didn’t hear much complaining, however.

Mary (could have finished the mile, poor judge of time):

  • BBSU (20 OYO)
  • Flutter kicks (20 IC)
  • American Hammers (10 IC)


  • countarama
  • namearama

Welcome FNG Josh Culbert—accountant, happily married, lives in the tree streets, was an eagle scout (now we are getting somewhere)—girls scouts—brownie it is.


Strong work by the Pax. This was a cardio smoker, by intention. The guys hung in there like champ’s and keep getting better every day. It’s truly been an honor to watch these guys get better day in and day out. Good things happening in Johnson City—and our F3 SWAG is ready to go up for pre-order!

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