Northeast Tennessee

2:00×20 AMRAP Circuit

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

It was a brisk 36° this morning, but we shook off the chill pretty quickly with some hard work. Special shout-out to 2nd Amendment for his enthusiastic counting. If there was such a thing as a man crush Thursday, he’s mine.




  • Through The Tunnel (20 IC)
  • Baby Arm Circles (15 IC, each direction)
  • Willie Mays Hayes (10 IC)

The Thang
Today’s work consisted of 20 2:00 cycles, alternating between exercises and running.

  • AMRAP Merkins 2:00
  • Run 2:00
  • AMRAP Big Boy Sit-Ups 2:00
  • Run 2:00
  • AMRAP Side Straddle Hops 2:00
  • Run 2:00
  • AMRAP Squats (or Squits, per Siri) 2:00
  • Run 2:00
  • AMRAP Cinder Block Curls and Overhead Presses 2:00
  • Run 2:00
  • Rinse and repeat for a second round, totaling 40 minutes


  • No Mary today. Our last two-minute lap was our cool-down.

Circle Of Trust

Count-a-rama with 17 in attendance.


Prayer for Jar-Jar’s extended family.


Back-to-back 2:00 of AMRAP Squats and a 2:00 run, followed by 2:00 of AMRAP Side Straddle Hops and another 2:00 run is hard. Come to think of it, 2:00 AMRAP Side Straddle Hops is hard all by itself. There wasn’t a whole lot of chatter. Perhaps everyone was just enjoying the music, courtesy of a fully-charged bluetooth speaker (Ahem, Jester).

For anyone who is interested, the timer that I used is an app called “Seconds.” It has the ability to create timed circuit-style workouts (HIIT, Tabata, etc). There’s a free version, but it’s five bucks to get one where you can save your workouts.


  • THIS SATURDAY is our day to help prep/load supplies for the food bank at University Parkway Church. We’ll work one hour early this weekend, at 6:00, then will convoy over to the church to put in some extra work carrying boxes, loading trucks, etc. I’m still planning on Coffeeteria after we’re done.


    1. Hey CO2! “Through The Tunnel” is a hamstring exercise that has you touch the ground between your legs three times then come up for a clap. “Willie Mays Hayes” is another leg stretch that has you lunge sideways to mimic the well-known baseball player’s recognizable back-and-forth base-stealing position. With a lot run of running planned, and 46 year old hamstrings, some stretching was in order! Note: A complete lexicon is available at

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