Northeast Tennessee

The Egyptian Bataan Squat Death March

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Location AO: Iron Horse – good to be back and see some familiar faces

Conditions:  Brisk, low 30s and dry – perfect lunge weather



Warm up:

Abe Vigoda: 10 IC

Through the Tunnel: 10 IC

Willie Mays Haze: 10 IC

The MOTIVATOR starting at 8

Merkins: 10 IC

Slow(ish) Squats: 15 IC


We started off with a little stretching because YHC knew what was about to commence.  The PAX all lined up and started a medium mosey around the inner circle of the AO.

The Bataan Death March – We started with 5 burpees, but realized that it would take several laps to gt in everyone. We dropped the reps to 1 burpee, then haul it to catch up with the group. The first few PAX get extra bonus points and a stamp on their sub card for doing 5 burpees.

We marched until all PAX got in a rotation.  We moseyed to the far side of the field from the amphitheater where four cones awaited.  The PAX parnered up for a little: DORACIDE

As a team of two, complete 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs and 300 squats while one PAX performed a suicide and the other going through the exercise rotation.


Run to first cone.  At the first cone, 1 burpees, and back to start.

Run to second cone. At the second cone, 2 burpees and back to start

Run to third cone. At the third cone, 3 burpees and back to start to relive the exercising PAX.

But we were not finished…after the teams of two completed the Doracide we lined up on the sidewalk single file, arms length apart  for a little Modified Walk Like An Egyptian.  Essentially the PAX would lunge in sync Right leg/Left Leg back to the amphitheater.  The PAX in the back would have to lunge faster than the group to make it to the front – in effect, a lunging Indian Run.  We made good distance and had jelly legs upon completion.  YHC has to commend Pythagoras and Rite-Aid on their form.  I truly thought they were Egyptian when they lunged past me.


two minutes of Circle Burps.  High knees until the PAX said Burp! then one burpee.  Even at the call of time, the circle kept going until all PAX had a chance to call Burp!  excellent!


Cooter had a few words for the group, and we were glad to see him back.


Cooter closed us in Prayer


YHC has been on the road for work steadily since January. Now, that is a legitimate reason to miss a post (unless there is an F3 AO in the vicinity).  But I’ve been missing two and three workouts in a row…mainly due to fart sacking when I got home.  I claimed and even convinced myself that I needed that time with the family…While that’s true, it is an excuse and a cop out.  What my family needs is a man with a purpose.  My family needs a husband and a father that is accountable.  If I don’t post, I let down myself, but more importantly, I let my brothers down.  In my experience, F3 has given me an outlet to improve and be the man that God called me to be.

At the EH request of Penn-Seagal (He called me out on a group chat!!), I took the short notice Q, Leading this group of men (well exceeding my physical abilities) is an inspiration.  I feel that I was called to do this Q today, and am better for it.

Heisenberg OUT

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