Northeast Tennessee

Raise The Roof!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Weather:  Calm, 50s

COP – Brownie



Merkins x15 OYO

LBAC x15 IC (forwards) “Michael Phelps”

TTT x15 IC

LBAC x15 IC (backwards) “Michael Phelps”

Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Hillbilly Walkers x15 IC

Willy Mays Hays x15 IC

Shoulder Pretzels x15 IC

Air Presses x100 IC – we renamed these “Raise the Roof” – thanks Penn-Seagal!

Incline Merkins x15 OYO

There was some mumblechatter sometime during the warmup inquiring whether I was turning 15 today or something.  No idea where that came from.

The Thang

Mosey to Tombstone Hill.

Sprint to the 1st light pole – 5 burpees – Return to starting position.

Sprint to the 2nd light pole (which we noted was not actually a light pole, so we noted it as the “dark pole”) – 5 burpees – Return to starting position.

Sprint to the 3rd light pole – 5 burpees – Return to starting position.

Repeat sequence above at each light pole, except complete the following instead of burpees:


B – Burpees x5 OYO (already done, above)

O – Overhead Presses x10 OYO

M – Merkins x15 OYO (we probably could’ve done Merkins all day, but we settled for just 15 at each light pole)

B – Big Boy Situps x20 OYO

S – Squats x25 OYO


B – Burpees x5 OYO

L – Lunges x10 each leg OYO

I – Imperial Walkers x15 OYO

The plan was to finish the BOMBS+BLIMPS sequence, but, alas, time was short and YHC needed help retrieving cones that were set out beforehand for an activity that we did not get to.  Therefore…

Mosey to Founders Park sign on far end of park.  From there, mosey back to the AO.  Split up into 2 groups and retrieve 6 cones set out in the field along the way.

Incline Merkins x15 OYO

Count-O-Rama – 8 PAX in attendance.


COP – Brownie


Strong work by the PAX this morning.  It is always a blessing to spend time with such a great group of guys.

I had a conversation with someone the other day, and the topic shifted to leadership.  I was forced to ask myself, “Who are you leading?”  We are all leading someone.  Whether at work, at home, at church, at school, or some combination of these venues, we are all exerting some degree of influence on those around us.  This is a subject that we should none take lightly.  So, I ask you, while I also wrestle with them, these two questions:

  1.  Who are you leading?
  2. To what/whom are you leading them?


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