Northeast Tennessee

Going on a Blind Date with Flora!!!!

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel) Starfish Qs

So as the title denotes, today I wanted to try something new, a “blind” run on the Erwin guys. Today was the 3rd F for these guys. So we talked about what Faith looks like to our group. More to come on that topic. Let the fun begin.

19 posted (3 FNGs) for YHC facilitation of fun……



SSH (20) IC

LBAC (12) IC each direction

TTT (12) IC

Shoulder Pretzel (30) IC


Partner up for a little Flora 1,2,3

Round 1

Partner 1 will execute a mosey and the jump the first obstacle, hay bale, and the mosey to the cones. From there you will bear crawl to the next cone, at which point you will mosey to “Mary’s Rack” where you complete 15 body rows.  Repeat all of this as you return expeditiously back to Partner 2 to exchange for some fun filled “light” routines.

  • Merkins (75) cumulative
  • Overhead Press (125) cumulative
  • LBC’s (200) You get the picture

Round 2

Same as before just mixing up the “light” routine

  • Curls (125)
  • Squat Thrusters (200)
  • Flutter Kicks(300)

Round 3

  • Tricep Overhead Presses (150)
  • Bench Press (300)
  • Squats (400)

So for some of you guys this Q will seem very familiar, as this is similar to the one we completed at Arrowhead a few weeks ago. Less the obstacles. YHC was concerned about trying something new, but from the comments about the Erwin group I figured they could handle most anything thrown at them. The PAX did not disappoint, they finished strong. As we wrapped up we closed up on the Faith portion of F3. Living for more than yourself. This is a tough one for YHC, being selfish to the bone I find it difficult to not have a thought that doesn’t revolve around me. I guess what I’m saying is altruism cannot exist in this world, as this place if broken just like me. But I know I’m getting better because of the ONE, and I’m getting better because of you. Without you posting each week I will become weaker. If you are reading this you need to know that each day we post I cannot finish without you being there. So I hope to see you on Tuesday.

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