Northeast Tennessee

Schooled on a little Field Trip

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

16 PAX got up, took some risks, and got better.

Condition report: Its heating up. Warm and humid.

Disclaimer, partner up with a battle buddy. PAX were instructed to watch their partner and push him to his max.

0700 sharp began with motivator from 12

Quick mosey up tombstone. Partner 1 in plank while partner 2 jumps over him and does a burpee x10. Swithch

Mosey toward Public Library, but stop in parking lot for some Clerkins x25

Mosey to Library (.5mi from AO) where the real fun began. Partner 1 does reverse bear crawl up stairs and forward bears down (around 20 total with some gaps), while partner 2 does dips on the wall. This was brutal! QIC adjusted plan a bit for round two- incline merks and lunges up the stairs.

Mosey to next stop where some token bricks were placed earlier. Partner 1 did curls while partner 2 went AYG up the really freaking steep hill toward Girl’s Inc. (approx 100 yards). We need to name this hill…. Round two was presses and AYG (which included some walking by this point).

Mosey to next stop looping back toward original AO. Hit a wall near Iron Horse track for some Cliff Hangers x20 (partner 2 added some squats with partner 1’s merkens)

Mosey back to start 1 mile loop not including “the hill” around 2.0 total with exercises. Everyone gave it AYG the last 100 yards.

Circle up. flutter kicks x25, big boys x25, Plyo lunge x10 (each leg), Plyo merkins x10

PAX were smoked. Q was smoked. Called an audible on the planned 10 min of plyos so that we could finish with some laughs.

Tunnel of Love AND Bridge of Hate. We barely got some of the PAX down the bridge, but we got some good laughs and enjoyed ourselves.


COL 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working of the Lord…

EPH 5:16 Make the most of every opportunity…

Today we took some risks. Everyone found their growing edge and pushed a little harder. AYG was a major theme. Im proud of the guys willing to try new things; the cliff hanger and the bridge are not comfortable, but these guys all bought into the process and that is how stuff gets done. They will work harder, love better, and be stronger with an attitude like that!

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