Northeast Tennessee

Total Body Focus

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

YHC tried to create a beat down that would please the PAX of Arrowhead and I think I came up just short. Not too much mumble chatter but the PAX destroyed the main event faster than I thought.

Time: 0530

Weather: 63 (according to the bank on the way to the AO) field damp but not soaking wet like recent posts. I actually had fairly dry socks when I got in the car.


Prayer – Jar Jar


Warm Up:

TTT 5 IC SLOW for two reasons, 1 – so we could stretch well, 2- so I could give a few later arrivals time to join us

Willie Mays Hayes Slow 5 IC

10 burpees OYO (had to move so the usual late arrivals did not miss out)

Inchworm 5 (touching toes with hands on the ground, walk hands to plank position, stretch chest up and out, walk hands back to feet never taking hands off the ground.

Indian Run 1 lap


In groups of 3- Partner 1 will start on the left goal line of the football field doing an AMRAP of burpees with a group goal of 150. Partner 2 will start on the 50 yard line doing an AMRAP of LBC’s with a group goal of 300. Partner 3 will start on right goal line doing 10 hand release merkins. After 10 merkins partner 3 runs to the 50 yard line and takes over on LBC’s. Partner 2 runs to the goal line and takes over on burpees. Partner 1 runs to other goal line and does 10 hand release merkins. Rinse and repeat until all group goals are met. ** Once either the LBC’s or burpees have been completed two of the group members can work on the exercise left while one partner is always doing the 10 hand release merkins.

Lap of pain: the PAX will run one lap around the field stopping at each corner. They must complete a total of 20 squats, 20 merkins, 20 BBSU, 20 SSH. The PAX had the option of doing 5 of each at each corner or doing all 20 of one at each corner.

At this point the PAX had crushed it! I had thought about doing the THANG again but cutting everything in half but they did not hear me. They planked while the 6 finished.

Indian Run 1 lap


Ring of Fire (Thanks Escape Hatch for the BB from Erwin) The PAX form a ring holding their feet about 18 inches off the ground while one PAX ran the inner circle pushing their feet back to the ground. Rinse Repeat until all have gone around the circle.

Boat Canoe

Elevator Merkins – Glory

5 minutes of gasers: First two trips at 3/4 speed to get warm up.





Still looking for 1 more for the GOMR

Prayers for Rudy and the marathon this weekend.

Prayer – Jar Jar

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