Northeast Tennessee

Abandon All Hope in the Iron Valley

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)





  • Motivator starting at 5
  • Little baby arm circles IC 15
  • In reverse IC 15
  • Through the tunnel IC 15
  • Imperial walkers IC 15
  • Hillbilly walkers IC 15
  • Willy Mays Hays IC 10
  • Squat IC 15
  • Sprint to starting position

“The Thang”

5 Laps with 4 Points of Pain
Points of Pain:

  1. 15 Pickle Pounders and 15 Monkey Humpers
  2. 25 Hand release merkins and 25 Crunches
  3. 30-Sec peoples chair with arms extended in front, and 30-sec peoples chair with arms out to the side.
  4. Elf on the Shelf- Start with the Cinder Block on the ground beside you. Grab the block and lift it from the ground across your body reaching up as high as you can. After a set from right to left then do left to right.

Lap 1: Lunge to each point
Lap 2: Walk or Mosey while doing Little baby arm circles
Lap 3: Muddy Mud Skip to each point (Get those knees high)
Lap 4: Crab walk to each point


PAX finished the workout with a little Mary time together that included: Roly Poly IC 10, Rope Climb IC 15, Side Crunch IC 15.

Count-A-Rama (13 PAX)

Iron Valley finished circle of trust with a prayer for F3 Lexington Brother Cheech and and his family.



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