Northeast Tennessee

F3 workouts can be like a box of chocolates

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

A perfect 62 and clear morning with some dew on the Ironhorse grass.

10 PAX posted at Ironhorse to partake in some Forest Gump themed exercises.  YHC likes Forest Gump and he wanted to remind PAX of the simple pleasures and quotes from an American classic.




Groin leans IC x 10

Standing Frankensteins IC x10

1 Stair Lap back to ampitheatre

Motivator IC x 5

Hillbilly Walker IC x 10

Imperial Walker IC x 10

The thang;

PAX mosey outer loop while YHC yelled “Down” in honor of Lieutenant Dan and “up” to resume

In field, PAX paired up and did following;

  • 1 PAX stationary while other shrimp boat crawl 10 yards, returned via bear crawl to alternate with partner
  • PAX repeated and alternated crawls until 200 Lieutenant Dan’s and 100 peas & carrots (hip thrusts) completed.
  • PAX moseyed to amphitheater for a “box of chocolates” roundabout of exercises
    • each PAX selected a chocolate which was converted to proper exercise by YHC in random order
      • Decline Merkins X 20 (anything nougat or caramel)
      • Wall Jumps x 10 (butter cream or truffle)
      • Big Boy situps x 20 (coconut)
      • Decline mule kicks (nut & caramel together)
      • Burpees (fruit flavored – because Burpees suck and so do fruit flavored chocolates)
      • SSH’s (vanilla)
  • wrap-ups
    • Flutter kicks IC x 30 (because no-one picked nut flavored candy which were abs)
  • Countorama/Nameorama
  • Announcements
    • Kingsport AO kickoff planning ongoing – tentatively scheduled for August 12th
    • FIA (Females in Action) asking for participation (Road Block and Brownies’ M’s organizing).  Will be on separate days/time during the week to accommodate couples doing both F3 & FIA
  • Closing Prayer

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