Northeast Tennessee

365 days of bear crawls, blocks, burpees, and brotherhood

Northeast Tennessee Arrowhead (Indian Trail) Johnson City

Perfect 61 degrees on a clear morning with a hint of fall and pain in the air. 20 PAX rolled into Arrowhead at 5:30am to kick complacency in the teeth. QIC was celebrating one year with F3 and the 25th Q since joining the group so fun would be had by all.
SSH – 25 IC

TTT – 14 IC (Donatello was quick to point out the misstep)

Merkin – 12 IC

LBAC – 15 IC

LBAC Reverse – 15 IC

12×25 – QIC was introduced to F3 by Donatello leading a Filthy Fifty on a Saturday. Concerned somewhat about the 45 minutes being a challenge for a full 50, we would cut the reps to 25 and run 12 rounds (1 for each month). Everyone knows QIC enjoys a little cardio with the workouts so why not throw in 25 yards to the 25 reps for 12 rounds just for fun. PAX would start on the goal line (GL), run to the 25 yard line, perform the 25 reps of whatever move was called, back to the goal line using whatever move was called, and then repeat for 12 rounds. Moves were as follows:

  • 25 Squat -> Lunge to the GL
  • 25 American Hammer IC -> Broad jump to the 25
  • 25 Merkin -> High knees to the GL
  • 25 LBC IC -> Shuffle to the 25
  • 25 Leg Lift Merkin -> Bear Crawl to the GL
  • 25 Mountain Climber IC -> Side bear crawl (right) to the 25
  • 25 Carolina Dry Dock -> Side bear crawl (left) to the GL
  • 25 Flutter Kick IC -> Crawl bear to the 25
  • 25 Shoulder Pretzel -> Back pedal to the GL
  • 25 In-and-Out IC -> Sprint to the 25
  • 25 Merkin -> Jog to the GL
  • 25 Burpees

The Snake – After a 90 second recovery, PAX lined up on the corner of the sideline. Begin running to the opposite sideline on the goal line and continue the length of the field using each yard line to cross to the opposite side of the field. PAX would stop at the 25 for 25 merkins, 50 for 25 squats, and 25 for 25 BBS.

5 minute finisher – Pair up with one PAX on the goal line and the other on the 25. GL partner sprints to the partner on the 25. Partner on the 25 runs to the GL and back. Rinse and repeat until time is called.

August 20th 2016 was my first experience in the gloom with the PAX. Ponzi EH’d me for a few weeks and I finally gave in. Having experienced several fitness groups, run groups, and Crossfit groups, I had in mind what to expect. Boy was I wrong. From the first COP, it was obvious to me F3 was different. This wasn’t a bunch of guys showing up to outrun, outlift, or out-“man” one another. These were real guys, with big hearts and humble spirits. I text Donatello on the date of my 1yr anniversary to thank him for F3 and what it has become in my life. I told him prior to joining the group I would have never agreed with being labeled a “sad clown” but clearly I was. He replied saying his favorite F3 quote was that F3 offers something I never realized was missing. Amen to that!! I’m undoubtedly in the best shape of my life but that’s just a bonus. The accountability, fellowship, and brotherhood has made a huge impact on my life. I’m a better father and husband, which means more than anything else. I truly believe God used F3 to kick me into a different gear. I have to pause to be clear in saying God used F3, not the other way around. I’m confident I could write another 25 pages on the impact F3 has had and how life has changed since, but you guys know where I’m coming from. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to each of you. I love you guys and I’m truly blessed to be a part of what we are doing in Northeast TN.

FiA Launching this Saturday – support and pray for its success. FiA and F3 will serve to grow both and transform lives across Northeast TN.

T-Claps to Annie (Brett Lane) who will depart for MTSU this weekend. Incredible young man with a bright future ahead of him.

Dragon Board race at Warriors Path September 9th. F3 NETN has a team. If you agreed to paddle but haven’t yet signed up, please do so. Slack has a Dragon Boat thread setup for communication. Practice will be held Sept 6th 6:30-7:15pm and Sept 8th 5-5:45pm

Welcome 9.5 – Brian Purdome – lost half a digit in an accident. Didn’t take the PAX long to throw that one out there.

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