Northeast Tennessee

Block Party and CAKE for Floppy’s Birthday

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

Weather: Beautiful.  Freaking Beautiful.

  • LBAC (15 IC)
  • Cherry Pickers (On top of the trees, Chunk) (15 IC)
  • LBAC Reverse (15 IC)
  • Arm Pretzels (15 IC)
  • Imperial Squat Walkers (10 IC)
  • Hillbilly Rockettes (10 IC)
  • Motivator (7)
  • Merkins (10 IC)
  • Agilities (high knees, butt kickers, high kicks, defensive slide (both ways), karaokes (both ways))

Today is YHC’s 37th Birthday (June 9).  In honor of my birthday, I wanted to treat the PAX to a little birthday party featuring a block party and CAKE.  PAX traveled between the four stations below, completing one of the exercises listed before advancing to the next station.

  • Chest/upper body (block party)
    • 20 Block Curls
    • 20 Overhead Presses
    • 20 Elf on the Shelf
    • 20 Triceps Presses
  • Abs
    • 20 Flutter Kicks (4 count)
    • 20 Little Baby Crunches
    • 20 American Hammers (4 count)
    • 20 Sweat Angels (4 count)
  • Knees/lower body
    • 20 Lunges (each leg)
    • 20 Squats
    • 20 Lt. Dans
    • 20 Imperial Squat Walkers (4 Count)
  • Everything
    • Mosey to Burpee Cove and do 5 burpees


  • LBCs (3 Count Hold) (37 IC)


These past few weeks have been difficult for YHC.  With the passing of a friend (Monty) at the age of 30, I am reminded of the brief time that we are given on this Earth.  What was remarkable about Monty’s story is that about a year ago, Monty gave his heart to the Lord.  While his passing is both sudden and sad (let’s be honest, it sucks), there is a reassurance from the choice that he made as to his life beyond the grave.

With that said, YHC is very thankful to see his 37th birthday today.  I am thankful for all of the years God has blessed me with on this Earth.


  • Welcome our latest FNG BooBoo – Loren Thomas – Materials Management – Commissioner – Loves to bear hunt – BooBoo
  • Remember Monday mornings – 5:30a in Unicoi
  • Convergence is coming up 6/16.  Will not have a post on Saturday.
  • YMCA Triathalon is 6/16
  • CSAUP events – get registered
  • Prayer Requests:
    • Continue to remember the family of Monty (Justin Vance).
    • Chunk’s mom’s surgery was a success.  Prayers as she begins the recovery process.

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