Northeast Tennessee

It Takes a Village

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

9 PAX gathered in the sultry gloom for a little community Q.  There’s a saying that it takes a village…sometimes that also applies to ensuring everyone gets a turn in spreading the pain!
Immediately drop down for 30 mountain climbers.  Hopped up for LBAC’s forward, 12 IC, LBAC’s reverse, 12 IC, followed by arm circles overhead for 10 IC.  Finished the warm up with a little slow Abe Vigoda for 10 IC.

  • First phase was 21, 15, then 9 reps of coupon hang clean, coupon back squats, and burpee over the coupon.  Once the reps were complete the coupon was loaded onto shoulders and a 400m run was completed.  Then mosey to the band practice field.
  • PAX lined up in the back of the end zone with their coupon.  Completed 50 coupon deadlifts.  Advanced forward 5 yards with the coupon.  Completed 50 coupon upright rows.  Advanced forward 5 yards with the coupon.  Completed 50 Turkish get-ups.  Advanced forward 5 yards with the coupon.  Completed one round of Colt 45’s.
  • PAX sprinted the remainder of the band practice field and dropped for 30 Merkins.  Bear crawled back 20 yards, then hopped up and sprinted back to the coupons.  Mosey to the brick wall.
  • Moved to handstand formation on the brick wall and completed 30 chicken peckers (Sample’s favorite!!!)
  • Mosey back to the parking lot for some Mary.

Circled up, dropped to the 6.  Completed 20 BBSU’s, 20 Leg Lifts, 20 American Hammers, and 10 flutter kicks IC.

Scrum passed on a good word about being intentional on doing things that you keep saying you’ll get to, because you never know what kind of time you have left in this world.  If there’s something out there you keep telling yourself you’ll get to, get off your 6 and get it done!

Also said a prayer for Wilbur’s family and for Sock Monkey’s.
Reminded folks of upcoming opportunities…Red, White, Boom in Kingsport Wednesday, Wednesday Murph at Arrowhead at 6AM, Friday first Boilermaker.

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