Northeast Tennessee

4 Cones + 1 and Crawling with “Friends”

Northeast Tennessee Erwin Iron Valley (Love Chapel)

TIME: 0530
TEMP: 68 but very, very humid


  • Merkins x10IC
  • Squats x15IC
  • SSS x30IC
  • Imperial Walkers x15IC


Five Cones at varying distance around the track.  Mostly because I did not take the time to evenly distribute.  But, it gave the workout a interesting dynamic.  Let’s just say the first half of the run sucked.

As you run around the track, stop at each cone and perform the set of exercises.

  • Side Straddle Press (x15):  Side Strattle Hop and overhead presses with a cinder block.  Of course, the block will need to be carried around the track.
  • Genuine with a Twist (x10):  Perform a Genuine but adding an upper body twist to the right and left before returning to the standing position.  Oh, and carry the block with you.
  • Plyo-Peter Parkers (x15):  Four count Peter Parkers allowing only one foot planted at a time similar to mountain climbers.
  • Peter Partker Merkins (x10)
  • Skier Jump Plank (x14)


Nope…Time ran out


This workout left me covered in sweat.  My hat was completely saturated.  In fact it was dripping from the brim so much it was practically raining in the car.  Which might explain how I did not notice all my little friends hitching a ride.  I got home and to my M’s horror I was absolutely covered in gnats.  YHC knew that they were out in force but this was ridiculous. Somehow there is a blessing in this…still trying to figure it out.

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