Northeast Tennessee

Two years and counting…

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Beautiful morning for 20 PAX to come out and help me celebrate my two year anniversary with F3.

The motivator from 8, with horrendous counting by your humble Q master
Through the Tunnel X 10 IC
The Merkin X 10 IC
Abe Vigoda X 10 IC
Little Baby Crunches X 20 IC

The Thang

Started with easy Mosey to amphitheater at other end of Founders Park

At Amphitheater we alternated Al Gore with Plank until the six arrived
Then we attacked
20 decline merkins OYO
20 Dips OYO
20 Box jumps or step-ups OYO

Mosey to Cemetery Hill
The hard run up the hill
Form a circle at the top

20 Merkins IC
20 LBC’s IC
20 Squats IC
20 Imperial walkers IC …. at this point someone commented (complained) that we already did the warm–up so The Imperial Walkers ended occurring at a hyper frenetic PACE to make sure sweating was induced.
20 Lunges IC
​The Iron Horse made a guest appearance … –> Burpees X 20 or more
20 Flutter Kicks IC

Then mosey past the amphitheater and over to Kings Common
At Kings Commons we alternated Al Gore with Plank until the six arrived

At Kings common we did:

20 Merkins IC
20 LBC’s IC
20 Squats IC
20 Imperial walkers IC
20 Lunges IC
20 Flutter Kicks IC

Then we began on path towards the library until we got to the grassy area that steps up in height for about 10 levels where we ran left to right to left….and so on, FAST one direction and an EASY MOSEY the other direction, going up a level whenever we got to the end.

When the top was reached we then ran to the Johnson City Public Library stairs going up and down stairs until all arrived and then another two round trip flights for all before running to the library parking lot where we AL Gored until all arrived.

Then we …

20 Merkins IC
20 LBC’s IC
20 Squats IC
20 Lunges IC
10 Flutter Kicks IC

Skipped Imperial walkers here since getting close on time.

Then Indian-filed back to our starting point at the ETSU end of Founders Park.

Here we did 10 Burpees as our dropped-flag penalty and Al Gored or planked until the Six arrived

Count-O-Ramma N=20

Ponzi, ATM, Sugar, Twilight, Snoozer, Kardashian, Swingline, Rite Aid, Honey Suckle, Quicken, Refill, Chum, Apple Butter, Nymph, Balk, Foul Ball, Crampon, Precious, Baby, Deep Dish

Circle of Trust
Thanked the Lord for this Beautiful Day and that we are so fortunate to be able to be outside and work out. Thanked Him also for leading me to find F3 two years ago this week, just when I really needed it. You have all been a Blessing in my life.
I asked our Lord for his hands in helping us all along each of our paths to becoming better, stronger, individuals in our non-exercise lives; at work, as friends, as husbands, as employers, as employees, or in whatever roles we fill to help us follow in his footsteps. And I thanked our Lord for keeping us all healthy during this excellent start of the day.

Yes, There will come a day when we can’t do this, BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY !!!

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