Northeast Tennessee

Ton of fun

Northeast Tennessee

A dry fall morning following a rainy night provided 22 men the optimal conditions to put in some work.
YHC is loving the 8 count body builder burpee.  So we did 10 + 1 to get the blood flowing.  Concluding we were warm enough (and out of breath) we proceed to today’s activities.

Wanting to incorporate different areas of our AO, as many muscle groups as possible, along with some block work was today’s goal.

  • Start at the stair case- using calf muscles only hop up entire flight one step at a time, run a hill lap and reenter park.
  • Station 2 – 20 tri-side-rises and 20 Cap’n. Morgans.  MWaP to next station.
  • Station 3 – using the provided wall 20 dips, 20 decline ‘Merkins and 20 mountain climbers.  MWaP to next station.
  • Station 4 – Start block work.  20 block squats, 20 block rows, 20 WW1 sit-ups.
  • Station 5 – 15 jump block burpees, 20 block curls, 20 flutter kicks.  Bear crawl across the field and back to the staircase.  Rinse and repeat adding 10 reps to each numbered exercise

YHC believes every man got through the whole thing once and we working on round 2 when time was called.

Not a ton a value to add here today but proud to be associated with a fine group of men.  Speaking of tons if a person managed to move that block 80 times this morning that works into a ton.

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