Northeast Tennessee

A 39-Themed BDQ

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)



Pleasant morning for 7 pax who were willing and available to get up and get better, or at least maintain. While music is becoming the new norm at Arrowhead, the QIC decided to play the top billboard hits the week he was born. Then he realized those songs were Happy Birthday Darlin (Conway Twitty) and Escape the Pina colada song, so then he realized that songs weren’t THAT necessary. No music this time.


SSH x39 IC

WMH x10 IC

TtT x10 IC
Rendezvous at the wall at the bottom of the track with coupon

  • We sprinkled 4 mosey laps (one mile) throughout the morning

13 reps of an upper exercise, core exercise, and lower exercise back to back to back, to equal 39 reps. Took turns rolling dice to determine which exercise. When we got tired, we moseyed one of those four laps.


  1. Block press
  2. Block curl
  3. Hand release merkins
  4. Carolina dry docks
  5. Derkins
  6. Burpees


  1. LBCs IC
  2. American Hammers IC
  3. Dying cockroach IC
  4. Heels to heaven
  5. Mountain climbers IC
  6. Burpees


  1. Squats
  2. Lunges ea leg
  3. Step ups ea leg
  4. Monkey humpers IC
  5. Barishnikov squats
  6. Burpees

Things got a bit interesting when a 6 was rolled for both upper and core in the same set.
The Mary was one of those four laps
With the US life expectancy just over 78 years, being 39 is now statistically middle-aged. I think that the work we put in an F3 will help the delay that statistic. What we choose to eat is probably more important. Here’s to a healthy New year.

Welcome back Sappy and Care Bear!

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