Northeast Tennessee

Is there a cure for the cold? Yes, it’s called AMRAP

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

27 PAX gathered on a cool and breezy 38-degree morning to put in a good workout at the IH AO.  It was nice to see a few PAX from Iron Valley AO join in on the fun.

Motivator from 8 – IC

LBAC – 15 IC

LBAC Reverse – 15 IC

Merkins – 10 IC

WMH – 10 IC

TTT – 10 IC
PAX counted off by 4s to break into groups. Cones were placed in the field approximately 75 yards apart. 1 team began at each cone with a list of exercises designed to work arms, core and legs. Teams would send 1 or 2 PAX to run a lap around the cones while the remaining PAX completed AMRAP of an exercise until the runner returned. Next, a 2nd runner would then begin and the team moved on to the next exercise on the list. To celebrate finishing each round, all PAX would complete 10 burpees and then move onto the next round.  Rinse and repeat.

Round 1 Exercises

  1. Merkins
  2. Squat
  3. American Hammer
  4. High Knees
  5. Al Gore

10 Burpees

Round 2 Exercises

  1. Carolina Dry Dock
  2. Lunge
  3. Boat Canoe
  4. Side Straddle Hop
  5. Plank

10 Burpees

 Round 3 Exercises

  1. Jack Webb (start with 1 merkin : 4 air press, increasing by 1 or 2 reps each time)
  2. Prisoner’s Squat
  3. Big Boy Sit Ups
  4. Slalom Hop
  5. Back Plank

10 Burpees

We finished the beatdown with some bonus workouts called out by various PAX

Flutter Kicks


Arm Pretzels

Imperial Squats


There are a couple of Q spots available this month and NOBODY has signed up for any in February.  Get on the Q!




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