Northeast Tennessee

Who’s the QIC? You the QIC? I’m the QIC?

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Three Pax decided to double up and attend Arrowhead to show support for the QIC.  Only problem was, there was not a Q on the Calendar so an audible was called.  Each Pax decided to take a part of the hour and deliver some pain.
Queen called the warmup: Motivator from 10
All Pax had their sandbags so Queen had us mosey to the Playground

  • 11’s–Pull-ups  and Merkins (1 pullup-10 merkins; 2/9, etc)

Baby called the next audible and had the Pax pick a prison cell, er, parking space

  • 4 Corners had four exercises-descending reps starting at 10 working way around your space
    • RoadRunners
    • Dying Cockroaches
    • Overhead Press with sandbag
    • Bent Over Row with sandbag

Jobs decided on the next beatdown

  • Bear Complex with Sandbags with Bear Crawls from one curb to the next.  Reps descended started at 5.

Dealers Choice!

  • Boat/Canoe–Jobs
  • Elevator Merkins–Queen
  • James Bond–Baby

Two Minutes to Go:

  • 1min Curls for the Girls
  • 1min Static Overhead Hold

I know I would not have stayed and put in this work without my brothers showing up and pushing me. Enjoyed reminiscing the glory days as well.

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