Northeast Tennessee

Choose your Own Q-venture

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

14 Pax came to Iron Horse to do a little work. Temperature was somewhere around 58-60 degrees depending on your preferred weather source. It was a nice break from recent heat and humidity.
SSH x 15 IC

LBAC forward x10 IC (sort of) – YHC learned that if he is messing around trying to do balance stuff he can’t count

LBAC reverse x10 IC

Stay in the tunnel (slow 10 count): Kind of like through the tunnel without all the moving and clapping; I guess kind of like that “Jimmy Dugan” thing Moneyball did a few posts back

Willie Mays Hays: 10 count to each side- which Twilight clarified for me as “1 rep in cadence”

The Thang

4 baskets were set up in the middle of the field. Each one was marked with a category and filled with slips of paper containing exercises. The categories were Upper Body, Lower Body, Core, Mixed Bag of Fun. Here are the rules for the workout:

At the start of each round, you have some choices to make? Do I want 2 cards or 3? Which baskets(s) do I want to pick from?  Draw 2 or 3 cards and look at the exercises. Put the cards back in the appropriate basket and do the exercises from your cards

  • When your round is complete, you have 4 choices to pick from
    • Jump right back in and draw more cards
    • Walk/slow mosey around Founders torch/sign and back- put in for those guys who aren’t fans of “all the running”    😀
    • AYG Sprint to orange cones (approx. 100m) and back
    • Full lap around the field loop – finish where you started; go hard or go easy

Rinse and Repeat until time is called. Each round, you can decide whether you want to do 2 cards or 3, and which basket(s) you choose from.  Mix it up!! This is your Q. I just provided the cards! In any event, try to keep moving and pushing yourself while encouraging those around you.

The exercises were (2 cards of each exercise/rep count in the baskets) : Burpees(10, 20) ; Mountain Climbers(20, 30  R/L=1); Squat Thrusts (15, 20); Plank (30 sec, 60 sec); Bear Crawl to cone and back; Crawl Bear to cone and back; Merkins (20, 25, 30); Block curls (20, 25,30); Block Rows (20, 25,30), Block Overhead press (20, 25,30); Squats (20,25,30); Lunges (10, 15, 20 – R/L=1); Side lunges (10, 15, 20 – R/L=1); Skater hops (10, 15, 20 – R/L=1); LBC (20, 30); Dead Bugs (20, 30 – R/L=1); American Hammers (20, 30 – R/L=1); Supermans 3 sec hold (15,20)

At about 6:40, I introduced a slight curveball. Some of the cards from each basket were tossed into one of 2 bags to create 2 “mixed bags of fun”. This was met with great excitement…….or not.

Mary:    60-ish second Al Gore followed by 60-ish second plank


Announcement  — I feel like there was something here, but I am drawing a blank. Feel free to comment and throw out any reminders for me.


 Moleskin: Good work today by everyone. Some guys worked solo and others drew cards to work in groups. In either event, everyone was putting in a solid effort. Working out outside is great. Doing it with a group is even better. Keep working on getting some new guys out or reaching out to those who we haven’t seen in a while to get them back.

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