Northeast Tennessee


Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

PAX: 14

Weather: low 60s and perfect
Slaughter Starter

Willie Mays Hays: 10 count to each side

Each PAX shouldered their coupon and mosey to skate park

With coupons positioned at the entrance of the skate park, YHC laid out the routine.

The 2 exercises for 11’s were box jumps and burpees. Form was briefly explained for box jumps as well as modifications. 10 box jumps: 1 burpee.

Once box jumps were completed, pax would mosey to coupon then proceed up the hill, in the grass, to the top by baseball field. Prescribed reps of burpees would be completed before returning with coupon to the skate park for round 2.

Time was called before completion of routine.  With coupons, PAX performed an indian run back to the flag.



Continue to remember Chum and family
“Attitude reflects leadership, Captain” – Remember the Giants

We are all leaders in some aspect of life. I intended this Q to be a grind in hopes of each man reflecting a little on how they respond to the challenge.  We have all encountered challenges.  It is how we respond to these challenges that sets examples for those around us that we are called to lead.  I challenge each of you to stop and reflect on how you react to adversity, bad news, etc. Our children are watching us.  Is your leadership being reflected in your kids? How about those you work with?


I spent today reflecting on observations made this morning.  I noticed that a large group of PAX stuck together.  There was a lot of chatter and laughing.  I spent a good portion pacing with a couple guys.  As I pushed on i found myself alone and suddenly struggling and taking breaks on the burden carry.  I was reminded of why F3 is so crucial.  When we face obstacles/adversity, if we try and go at it alone we will find ourselves struggling.  However, when we surround ourselves with support from our F3 brothers, we will find trials easier to endure.

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