Northeast Tennessee

Shortcake VQ and the 7 of Diamonds

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)


14 PAX climbed out of bed early on a 68 degree morning.  The reward?  Diamonds.  7 of Diamonds.   The Great Field is not exactly shaped like a diamond, but it would suffice.  This was Shortcake’s VQ and YHC was honored to co-Q with him.


  • TTT IC 10
  • Merkins IC 10
  • WMH R 10 sec, then L 10 sec
  • Slow squats IC 10
  • LBAC forward IC 15
  • LBAC reverse 15

The Thang

Mosey to the Great Field.  4 stations set up on east, west, north and south side of the field.  Perform the following exercises at each of the 4 stations and run in between.  Once all 4 stations have been completed around the field, proceed to the next round:

Round 1: 7 Burpees

Round 2: 4-count Flutter kicks

Round 3: 21 Merkins

Round 4: 28 Squats

Round 5: 21 4-count Mountain climbers

Round 6: 14 Heels to heaven

Round 7: 7 Burpees

Mosey back to amphitheater just in time for a bear crawl up to the sun dial.


IPC Week zero starts this week.  Check Slack for details.

September Q calendar is wide open


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