Northeast Tennessee

“63” Paints a Nice Picture

Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

63rd Birthday Q. Muggy, 70 degrees, 14 PAX

F3 – 1
Carried blocks to the three-tier parking lot.
Turn on run or walk workout to map today’s effort. You should see the number “63” when we are done. The goal is to run 3 miles with 4 stations and 10 reps at each station.

  • Station 1: Bottom of the “3.” Start at the bottom middle. 10 curls each time.
  • Station 2: Middle of the “3.” Run around median to the next level. 10 merkins then, alternate every other time with a leg workout.
  • Station 3: Top of the “3.” Run around the median to the top level. 10 step bear crawl then, alternate ab workout.
  • Station 4:  Top of the “6.” Short-run to the top of the stairs. All on your “6” exercises.
  • Station 5: Make the loop of the “6.” Run around the cones at the bottom of the stairs and back to start.

Carry Blocks back to AO.

Humbly, I stated that at 63, “PAX need to be like me.” I mean, God has put men in my life at every stage to help me exercise and grow. Looking back on life, His path of always having a group of men to exercise with and grow spiritually, totally enriched all aspects of living. I could not have had the rich life I’ve had without the other men, including F3, who have motivated, exercised, studied, challenged, and corrected.

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