Northeast Tennessee

Roll of the Dice- but not workout dice

Jonesborough Immortal Station (Jonesborough) Northeast Tennessee

On an unusually slow Saturday morning, 6 pax came out to welcome the humidity back to the area. 69 degrees and 10000% humidity greeted us
Did some stuff in cadence to get warmed up-  SSH, LBAC (forward and reverse), Through the Tunnel, and Imperial Walkers
5 cones set up around the library parking lot. All coupons taken to one cone since that is where they would be used. Each pax was provided with one die. At each cone, you roll the die and do the exercise and reps assigned to that number. Then, proceed to the next cone and repeat the process. After the 5 perimeter cones are completed, head to the cone at the center of the parking lot. Your roll here determines where you will run to and back. Rinse and repeat this process until time is called.

     1   CURLS    30
     2    BENT OVER ROWS     30
     3    OVERHEAD PRESS     30
     4    SQUAT WITH COUPON      25
     5    KETTLEBELL SWING          25
     6     THRUSTERS          20
  • Cone 2 ROLL      EXERCISE              REPS
     1             SQUATS 30
     2             LUNGE R/L=1         20
     3             REVERSE LUNGE R/L=1       20
     4             TUCK JUMPS         20
     5             MOUNTAIN CLIMBER R/L=1         30
     6             BEAR CRAWL CRAWL BEAR        BC TO LINE   CB BACK TO CONE
  • Cone 3 ROLL      EXERCISE              REPS
     1             MERKIN  30
     2             INCLINE MERKIN   30
     3             CAROLINA DRY DOCKS       20
     4             CAROLINA DRY DOCKS       20
     5             DECLINE MERKIN  30
     6             MERKIN  30
  • Cone 4 ROLL      EXERCISE              REPS
     1             LBC         30
     2             AMERICAN HAMMER R/L=1  30
     3             FLUTTER KICK R/L=1            30
     4             HEELS TO HEAVEN               30
     5             REVERSE CRUNCH              30
     6             BOAT/CANOE        30
  • Cone 5 ROLL      EXERCISE       REPS
     1             BURPEES               10
     2             BURPEES               15
     3             BURPEES               20
     4             BURPEES               10
     5             BURPEES               15
     6             BURPEES               20
  • Center cone ROLL      EXERCISE
     1             RUN TO CORNER CUP
     2             RUN TO TOP OF HOTEL HILL
     3             RUN TO TOP OF MAGNOLIA HILL
     4             RUN TO CORNER CUP
     5             RUN TO TOP OF HOTEL HILL
     6             RUN TO TOP OF MAGNOLIA HILL

Finished off with a 30-60 second plank – time depended on when pax returned to the circle.
No big inspirational comments. Just try to be a better man in all of your roles- husband, father, friend, employee, etc.
I am sure there are some, but we did not discuss them

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