Northeast Tennessee

Halloween Eve Bash

Gray The Underground (Daniel Boone HS) Northeast Tennessee Johnson City

Cool and Windy (although it died down) morning with 6 Pax.
DISCLAIMER – I am not a professional
SSH – IC x 25

Willy Mays Hays – LR for a 10 count

TTT – IC x 10

High Knee Pulls / Holds about 15 yards

Ground sweeps about 15 yards

Light Jog 15 yards

High Knees 15 yards

IW – IC x 10

HW – IC x 10

Since today is Halloween Eve it was a mixed bag theme:

  1. Bear Crawl Inch Worm: Pax made a single file line in plank and on Q’s go, the rear Pax bear crawled to the front and then gave the go to the new rear pax. We cycled through two rounds.
  2.  Back to COP for “Thriller” done to the classic “Thriller” by Michael Jackson- Pax did Frankensteins until they heard “‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night” at which time they did 2 burpees. Then back to Frankenstein. rinse and repeat during the whole song until the rap at the end at which time – Ripcord had a great suggestion to do side lunges (Think Zombie dance in the video) then we decided to add in the leg slide with an overhead clap.
  3. Captain Thor – 1-5 rounds (1:4) big boy situps to American Hammers.
  4. Bear Crawl 1-2-3: A terrible version of Dora: Pax 1 started the cumulative 100 merkins, while Pax 2 bear crawled about 15 yards and then crawl bear back. Then 200 LBCs and 300 squats. YHC called an audible and cut reps in half and after three rounds decided to cut the crawl bear and make it a Bernie Sanders. Also, instead of merkins, we did spider-man merkins.
  5. Back to COP for “Ghostbusters” – Plank during the classic “Ghostbusters” song by Ray Parker Jr. When pax hear “Ghostbusters” perform 1 merkin. When Pax hear – “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” 1 plank jack.

5 minutes of Mary Pax choice-

Jar Jar – Windshield wipers

Ripcord – Hello Dolly

Telegram – Flutter Kicks

Jiggabyte – Pickle Thrusters

GoldDust – Zombie crawl to the fence
PRAYER – Remember Golddust’s family (loss of grandmother), Jar Jar’s M – health issues
1st F challenge 2020 mile goal for F3 NETN Pax, but each AO competing against each other.

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