Northeast Tennessee

Johnson City Launch, Week 2

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park) Starfish Qs

F3 Lexington sent the A-Team to launch Johnson City last week. This week, Lexington’s Dream Team traveled to the mountains of east Tennessee in a big ol’ #ClownCar to pay it forward and assist our brother, Donatello. Following the successful expansion model, week 2 focus for this AM’s 22 pax was the #2ndF. 6 FNGs this AM added to the total of 24 FNGs since the Johnson City launch. That is strong! Major #Tclaps to Donatello.

Conditions: 64 degrees and not nearly as humid as Lexington, SC

The Thang:


Warm-up mosey around the path

SSH x 20 IC
Hillbillies (no offense, guys) x 20 IC
Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
Merkins x 20 IC
Flutter kicks x 20 IC

Line up at artful bear for #2ndF discussion

Partner Work

Dora 1-2-3
Partner 1 runs to the shovel flag (about 100 yds away) while Partner 2 does work. Flapjack when partner 1 returns. Each partner group must complete:
100 merkins
200 big boy sit-ups
300 squats

Plank-o-rama and a lot of picking up the 6

Line up on pole 1

Partner 1 bear crawls to pole 2 while partner 2 does SSH until partner 1 gets to pole 2. Partner 1 then does SSH while partner 2 bear crawls to his partner.
Rinse & repeat from pole 2 to pole 3 but this time lunges between poles & jump squats at the pole
Rinse & repeat from pole 3-4 but this time bear crawl between pole & Carolina Dry Docks at the pole
R&R from pole 4-5 – lunges & wide merkins
R&R from pole 5-6 – bear crawls & diamond merkins

Mt Climbers x 10 IC
Plank jacks x 10IC

End of partner work

Line up at pole 6
Sprint to pole 5 & plank
Sprint to pole 4 & plank
Hydraulics x 10 IC
Sprint to pole 3 & plank
Shoulder taps x 10 IC
Sprint to pole 2 & plank
Sprint to pole 1 & plank
Merkins x 10 IC

Line up on pole 1
Sprint to pole 6



Devo led by Misty

-This AO is in the heart of JC, next to a market where a food truck was parked. We smelled doughnuts the whole time. FNG Beaker was kind enough to buy doughnuts for the traveling pax. They were amazing. Can’t stop thinking about them. Picture Krispy Kreme hot glazed but twice bigger & even better. Unbelievable.
-Can’t give Donatello enough praise for his efforts in getting Johnson City going. 24 FNGs in a week’s time needs to be recognized by all of F3 Nation.
-Blindside forgot his shoes but he was able to pick a #realnice pair of comfy Dr. Scholls from the local Wal-Mart. The velco straps were sweet.
-The #mumblechatter game is already pretty strong. Heard a ton of encouragement out there, too.
-At least half of today’s pax attended #coffeteria at Chick-Fil-a (this was after the beautiful doughnut experience). The #EH game is already strong with this group. The owner of CFA was EHd along with a local pastor. It was exciting to see. Think about it, these guys have experienced F3 for 7 days and they’re already excited to share it.
-YHC can’t thank enough the A-Team for last week’s launch and the Dream Team for this week. We have a blast with launches but it’s a lot to ask men to leave their families to travel 7 total hours. THANK YOU!
-Alter Boy, we retrieved your pretty bag from last week’s stay in JC.

-F3 Asheville is coming next Saturday for Week 3
-Don’t forget Tuesday bootcamp from 5:30-6:15

Name Chain:
Shawn Sutterlin: From CA, wore sunglasses the whole time -> Malibu
Josh Gibbons: Missed it but he was almost Swayze, YHC thinks he said something about putting baby in the corner -> Baby
Craig Parish: Told a story about driving 100 MPH over the speed limit -> Honcho is character from Talladega Nights the traveling pax decided was going to be an FNGs name -> Honcho
Jeff Gray: Pharmacist -> Heisenberg but PennSegal insisted on -> Beaker
Dan Stack: apparently had a hole in the back of shorts -> Backdoor -> Escape Hatch
Brian Ward: from Indiana -> French Lick -> Chitwood

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