Northeast Tennessee

Happy Valentines Day From The Ladies

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

13 Johnson City PAX (+1 FNG) landed at AO Arrowhead on a crisp 27 degree morning to get some VD love from the ladies.

0530 DISCLAIMER/PRAYER, mosey to the back 9 to warm up a little.

COP: windmills, little baby arm circles, through the tunnel, flutter kick, American hammer                 (all 10-15x in cadence), followed by The Motivator from 8

FOR THE THANG, WE INVITED THE LADIES: Dora, Cindy, Dolly, Suzy, Rosalita, and Sally

0540 DORA (100merkin-200situp-300squat) Partnered up and while one started the reps, the other ran approx. 40 yards up a steep, icy hill. We accomplished a lot, but we had to cut short so that we could get some love from the other ladies…

0600 CINDY (5pullup-10merkin-15squat) Most PAX made it through 3 rounds or so

0605 DOLLY, OH SUZY! (AKA dive bombers), and ROSALITA WIP all done in cadence x10

0610 Finished up with the classic “Bring Sally Up”  in plank. Only a couple made it all 4 minutes, the rest finished in squat.

0615 COT

MOLESKIN: This was my VQ. Its tougher than it looks, but a lot fun. The PAX took it easy on me as I made a few classic beginners errors (a couple miscounts and trying to shove too much into 45min). We got to meet Andrew (FNG). He brought his A game and put up with us, which says a lot. Serves as a minister, but says that public speaking makes him nervous (hence the name “Jitters”). Welcome, brother. Good to have you.




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