Northeast Tennessee

Up And Over The Hill The Traveling Pax Will Go

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Weather: 44 and GLOOMY


13 PAX made the more difficult choice and showed up in the gloom to put in some work. Literally, several said that today it truly was the gloom. No lights and foggy.


COP – Jar Jar



YHC was thinking about hopping on the Q for Valentine’s Day, Glory beat me to it. I was thinking about a love tribute to F3 and the Pax. Well, today is the last Thursday of February and since we are still in the month of “Love”, I thought I would show a little love to the Pax. 4 months ago I posted to my first F3 workout and since then I have come to either love or appreciate a few things that we do at F3. They are mixed into the warm-up and the Thang.


The Motivator from 7 (Love – hate relationship)

Merkin – 15 IC (Love)

Mosey over to the playground area of Arrowhead (At this point I kind of let the Pax know what I was thinking about as far as love and Donatello mention that 15 Merkins IC  followed by pull-ups was speaking his love language. Those who know Donatello, know he is not easily pleased, so this was nice to know I could bring a little joy to him this morning)

Due to limited space on Pull-up bars we split into two groups. As one group did pull -ups the other did the LBC’s. Got a little flax from struggling on the cadence from 16 on with the LBC’s.

Pull -ups (10 OYO)

LBC – 20 IC

The Thang

The Pax started to do a second round of pull-ups and LBC’s when I stopped them to let them know that was just the warm up and not part of what was to follow.

I had 3 Pax members pick a number 1-10. Those numbers chosen (9, 3, and ???) were corresponded to cards that held different exercises the Pax would perform during the Indian Run that was to follow. The Pax got hit with 10 Carolina Dry Docks IC, 20 Flutter Kicks IC, and 10 Spiderman Squats OYO. (Never was a runner and still am not a runner but have come to appreciate running since we started the run challenge on 1/1/17)

The Pax would embark on a 2 mile journey up and over the hill on North Roan Street (aka Kingsport HWY, aka HWY 36)  next to the AO. Since I wanted to show my appreciation to Donatello for getting F3 started in Johnson City I thought I would give him the one thing he has been asking for since the new AO opened. That was a nice run up and over the hill. The Indian Run would stop when one of the 3 Pax who picked a number reached the front of the line. The Pax would perform the exercise then continue. We were able to complete 4 cycles during our trip. 40 CDD IC, 80 Flutter Kicks IC, and 40 Spiderman Squats total. At the halfway point the Pax were treated to 5 burpees.  YHC was relieved on the way back to have those exercises built in as Merlot was calling on a few occasions. After arriving to the parking lot back at the AO, we moseyed back to the playground to retrieve the shovel flag and had enough time to do a little Mary.

MARY: Dealers Choice

Glory- box cutters 12 IC

Rudy – American Hammers 20 IC (I was trying to show a little love by letting him pick thinking he would choose elevator merkins, but he did not. I said abs, but thought with all the planking and holding we do in elevator merkins that it would pass for an abs workout)

Mosey back to edge of field next to parking lot for COT.






F3 family day at Quantum 2/26 around 2 pm

There is still time to sign up for the Knoxville 1/2 or full marathon on April 2nd. If you are doing the run challenge and don’t have plans already, sign up!!!!

Mud Run sign up for May 20th. Should be awesome and you can make it a family affair. There is a Devil Pup run for the 2.0s.

Final thing: Check out article from News and Neighbors.