Northeast Tennessee

Knowing you did work and can enter a room with your chest out!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

The video demos the two stretches we did in the warm -up. You can see proper form.

Weather 52 degrees and a clear sky



Prayer Jar Jar

Warm –up:

Merkin 20 IC

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Hillbilly Walkers 10 IC

LBAC and Reverse 10 IC

Name??? plank into a runners stretch. (in plank position bring right foot up past right hand then back, bring left foot up past left hand then back) 5 total

Inch worm: in downward dog, walk hands forward until you are in plank and then extend head and chest up and out like Oh Suzy, then walk hands all the way back to toes keeping hands on the ground the whole time. Repeat for total of 5.

The Thang:

Dora with a twist:

Round 1:

70 cumulative burpees:  partner 1 begins burpees while partner 2 sprints to pull up bars and does 10 pull-ups then adds 5 more each time down. When partner 2 returns swap roles. Rinse and repeat until all 70 burpees are completed.

Round 2:

200 cumulative squats with coupon (cinder block or goruck plate): partner 1 begins squats while partner 2 sprints up the hill. At the top of the hill do 2 Merkins, double the amount each time you come back to the top of the hill. At the bottom of the hill swap roles. Rinse and Repeat until all 200 squats are completed. We had a few PAX who doubled from each partners round up the hill so the number of Merkins got pretty high fast. Only double your own personal reps at the top of the hill.

Round 3:

Mosey to softball field.

200 cumulative dips on the outer ledge of 1st base dugout. Partner 1 will begin dips while partner 2 runs to foul pole and does 5 burpees. Upon returning partners swap roles. Rinse and repeat until all 200 dips are completed.

Mosey back to front to pick up coupons and then mosey back to Pavilion for Countorama

Ran out of time for Round 4 and Mary (Not really going to complain, the moseying of 200 plus yards with 60 pounds is a workout in itself)



COT – Glory

Announcements: PBS just wanted to say that he is not a morning person and posting at F3 has been the most consistent he has been with being up before the sunrise and it is because of coming out with guys like us.


Mole Skin:

The above warm up and thang were changed from my original typed Weinke. I increased the Merkins from 15 – 20 IC in the moment, I added the runners stretch and the inchworm. I increased the cumulative burpees from 50 to 70. All this to say, there is a difficult balance between just doing some work or exercising and then pushing yourself and others. We have several of the PAX that this would be a good workout but not pushing and we have several PAX that this would be a complete beat down and then the rest of the PAX fall somewhere in the middle. I share this because I am now part of the middle. This did pushed me but was not a beat down but was more than just a workout. 4 months ago I probably would not have made it all the way through. The PAX hold me accountable to keep pushing and making myself better. When I Q I find it hard to plan for something I can do and still deliver for those who can do more. I hope today we all got our moneys worth and can walk into our offices with our chests out, mainly because they are so swollen from all the work we did. I enjoy watching all of you get better and stronger. You all encourage me when I see Rudy and Donatello flying through something it inspires me to reach that level. When I see them struggle with something it reminds me that they are human just like me. When I see FNGs struggling it reminds me of where I once was. When I see them excel it tells me to push harder, that I can do more. I hope the Lord blesses me with the ability to continue to come and be a part of something I have not had since team sports in high school. A since of belonging.


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